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    "Love for A Child": Jason Mraz

    There’s a picture on my kitchen wall Looks like Jesus and his friends involved There’s a party getting started in the yard There’s a couple getting steamy in the car parked in the drive Was I too young to see this with my eyes? By the pool last night, apparently The chemicals weren’t mixed properly You hit your head and then forgot your name And then you woke up at the bottom by the drain And now your altitude and memory’s a shame What about taking this empty cup and filling it up With a little bit more of innocence I haven’t had enough, it’s probably because when you’re young It’s okay to be easily ignored I like to believe it was all about love for a child And when the house was left in shambles Who was there to handle a
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    "Bella Luna": Jason Mraz

    Mystery the moon A hole in the sky A supernatural nightlight So full but often right A pair of eyes a closin’ one A chosen child of golden sun A marble dog that chases cars To farthest reaches of the beach and far beyond into the swimming sea of stars A cosmic fish they love to kiss They’re giving birth to constellation No riffs and oh no reservation If they should fall you get a wish or dedication May I suggest you get the best For nothing less than you and I Let’s take a chance as this romance is rising over before we lose the lighting Oh bella bella please Bella you beautiful luna Oh bella do what you do Do do do do do You are an illuminating anchor Of leagues to infinite number Crashing waves and breaking thunder Tiding the ebb and flows of hunger YouR
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    Opening Ceremonial yang Sukses

    JOHANNESBURG, KOMPAS.com Kemegahan dan kemeriahan tampak di Orlando Stadium, Soweto, Johannesburg, Afrika Selatan, Rabu (10/6/2010) malam waktu setempat. Stadion yang bisa menampung 30.000 orang itu menjadi tempat konser akbar yang merupakan bagian dari rangkaian acara pembukaan Piala Dunia 2010. Ribuan penonton sembari mengibarkan bendera-bendera Afrika Selatan menyambut hangat ketika tak kurang dari The Black Eyed Peas (BEP), yang terdiri dari Fergie, Will.I.Am, Apl.De.Ap, dan Taboo; Shakira; Alicia Keys; John Legend; dan R Kelly beraksi di pentas di tengah suhu udara yang dingin. BEP membuka konser tersebut dengan salah satu hit mereka, “Where is the Love”. Shakira menjadi penampil terakhir dalam konser tersebut. Ia menyajikan beberapa lagu terkenalnya, termasuk “


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